Global Partners

Thistle Farms Global Partners

The vision of Akola Project in Uganda is to create a global fashion brand that is made by and fully benefits women in poverty. Akola currently employs 450 women who have transformed the lives of 4,000 in their communities. Akola achieves its mission by economic empowerment and holistic training programs. 

Anchal Projectis a nonprofit organization seeking to address the exploitation of women in India by using design thinking to create employment opportunities, services and products that support economic empowerment. Their current priority is to provide commercial sex workers in India with careers in textile & design production.

Owned and operated by local women, Blessed Hope Nepal (BHN) exists to provide good, wholesome, creative work, skills development training and true lasting hope to the women of the Himalayas.​
Cottontale Collection employs women from Surabaya, Indonesia in hopes of breaking cycles of poverty. Their handmade children's clothing connects the mothers who sew the products with the mothers who purchase them.
Darzah is a collection of Palestinian embroidered products, hand-stitched by talented women artisans in the West Bank. Their mission is to create economic opportunities for refugee and low-income women artisans & to connect women around the world through the story of tatreez embroidery.

Freedom's Promise works to prevent human trafficking and child exploitation in Cambodia through individualized community development programs, resulting in trafficking-free safe zones.

Galeria dos Sonhos(The Dream Gallery) helps women formerly in prostitution in Mozambique by teaching them vocational skills, how to manage finances, as well as giving them a safe place to come and be loved.

Gifts For The Journey was created to assist women formerly in addiction and prostitution develop new skills with the goals to become financially independent and to be able to care for themselves and their families. Their soaps are made with all natural ingredients. 

Haiti Babi trains moms to knit and crochet, empowering them to earn a sustainable living wage, provide for their children, and keep their families together in Haiti.

 The Guaymi people have faced discrimination for generations in Costa Rica. Hands Producing Hopeis an ethical brand with a heart to see Guaymi women artisans empowered to rise above poverty and live healthy and full lives.

Heshima Kenya works with refugee women in Narobi, Kenya. This organization  provides shelter, education, vocational training, case management support, and advocacy to participants and their children who have experienced the detrimental effects of war.

Himalayan Naari partners with over 30 women in the Indian Himalayas, empowering the mothers of the children benefiting from the Himalayan Education Foundation. These mothers hand-knit beautiful woolen goods.

The Hope Collective is a community dedicated to bringing sustainable development to marginalized people around the world. 100% of all their profits and donations are invested back into the programs and directly to the people they serve.

Ikireziis a community interest company (CIC) located in Rwanda, Central Africa, in the business of producing essential oils for local, regional, and international markets. Women of Ikirezi tend fields of geranium and weave beautifully patterned sisal bowls.

Lion’s Threadseeks to empower female artisans in Eastern Uganda by providing an avenue through which they can showcase their incredible talents. Their collection of bowtie prints serve as a statement of fashion and empowerment.

Lwala Community Alliancecoordinates the New Vision Women’s Sewing Cooperative, employing 10 women in the Lwala community. This project serves as part of their mission to build the capacity of people of Lwala, Kenya to advance their own comprehensive wellbeing. 

MamAfrica is a grassroots organization based in the city of Bukavu, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in Central Africa helping women who have been displaced from their homes in the volatile eastern province of the country by providing long-term, viable, and sustainable employment.

All over the world, Mayan weavers are recognized as talented textile artists, but most of them live in conditions of extreme poverty. Mayan Hands’ mission is to assist these women in their quest to rise from poverty. A fair trade organization founded in 1989, Mayan Hands works with 150 women weavers in 8 communities in Guatemala. 
Out of the embattled Stung Treng region of Cambodia comes Mekong Blue, a collection of scarves hand-woven by women artisans who are determined to uplift their families from a life of poverty. Using time-honored talents passed down from generation to generation, the women of Stung Treng fashion beautiful creations for a better tomorrow.


  The Monkey Project creates a market for local women artisans in Huancayo, Peru located in the Andes Mountains. As a social enterprise, they express their love through their commitment to fair trade, training local artisans, and creating high quality goods.
The Moringa Madres grow and harvest Moringa tealeaves in San Juan Cosala, Mexico. Under the umbrella of Operation Feed SJC, the Madres (Spanish for mothers) strive to make a living to support their families. The Moringa Health Blend is a featured tea in Thistle Farms' tea kit.  
Purpose Jewelryis empowering survivors of modern day slavery to build a bright future. Survivors at iSanctuary's center in Mumbai, India are taught artisan jewelry skills.  All jewelry is prepared, packaged, and shipped by women survivors in Orange County, California.
The Sibimbe sewing cooperative is named after the Sibimbe River in the Los Rios area of Ecuador. The purpose of Sibimbe is to provide decent work and improve the quality of life for women. Sibimbe connects women who are learning to make their way in a global economy.  
The Studios of Thistle Farms is a department within the social enterprise Thistle Farms based in Nashville, TN. The Studios include a connected space, one for sewing projects and another one for paper-making, craft and screen printing projects.