Education & Outreach

Education Workshops

Thistle Farms regularly hosts Education Workshops for those interested in our model. We have welcomed thousands of visitors to these immersion days and two national conferences. The workshops offer a forum for sharing best practices for organizations to help women recover and heal from trafficking, addiction, and prostitution. Participants join our morning meditation circle, tour the facility, meet the staff, participate in a Q&A with our program team, and hear from our founder Becca Stevens.  Plans are underway to build a new education center so that we can continue to share the message that Love Heals to an ever-widening community. Contact us below for more information.

Workshop Registration
For the past five years, we have offered free education workshops to thousands of visitors from across the country. In an effort to offset a percentage of our overhead costs so that we can continue to grow and expand these offerings, we will now to begin charging a nominal fee to attend. The registration fee includes lunch and 30 downloadable files. 
Q: What’s the difference between the one and two day workshops? 
A: The one-day workshops offer a solid overview of our social enterprise and residential program. The two-day workshops simply build on the one-day program by allowing more time for Q&A with Becca, program graduates, Thistle Farms’ staff members and and our clinical team. 
Workshops fill up quickly! Register early to guarantee your spot!
9:00 am — 2:30 pm
Click HERE to register:  January 23
9:00 am — 2:30 pm
Click HERE to register: February 13
Sister Organizations

As a growing movement fostering collegial relationships with organizations around the country that work with survivors of trafficking, prostitution, and addiction, Thistle Farms is developing the basic language of understanding and a process for developing relationships over time with shared values. Currently, we are working with 22 Sister Organizations around the U.S. We host conference calls to share best practices and celebrate milestones. We hope that by growing together, we can help change the national conversation around the myths and truths of how girls and women get to the streets and how it is possible for a community to help them find their way home. For more information, contact us below. 

Facts & Outcomes
  • Thistle Farms reaches hundreds of women yearly through residential program services, case management, referrals, legal services, the courts and general outreach.
  • In the past year, we have paid over $800,000 directly to women survivors in paychecks.

  • We have 22 sister programs across the country.

  • We have trained 2,500 advocates through our Education program.

  • We save our community over $700,000 each year through incarceration and arrest savings and contributions back to society.

  • Last year the social enterprises surpassed $1,700,000 in revenue. We are on target to reach $2,000,000 in the coming year.

  • 84% of women entering the program graduate two and a half years later clean and sober.

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    Photo courtesy of Taro Yamasaki